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Welcome to Our MindBody Medicine Guide

Welcome to our online MindBody Medicine Guide. It will open your eyes to the problems underlying the current, traditional medical model. It will dive deep into what MindBody medicine is and discuss what this means for your everyday life.

This guide consists of 18 parts, some long, some short. Each page has a “Next” and “Back” option as you step through. Each page also has a Table of Contents in case you ever want to skip around.

Some of the material might startle you. My goal is to equip you with the knowledge and understanding for determining whether your ailments or a loved one’s can be served through a MindBody approach. You’ll find a lot of practical information here, and I hope you’ll be excited by the way the MindBody approach empowers you to overcome whatever stands in the way of your ideal health.

Feel free to contact us about any questions. This guide is a LOT to absorb. Don’t try to get it all at once. Hang in there, as I believe a beautiful future lies ahead of you should you desire and be willing to act on a MindBody approach.

Ready to start? If you feel at any time that you would like to try including medical professionals on your MindBody journey, call to schedule an initial consultation.

Looking for even more information? Some people want to research more than others before deciding to work with medical professionals. If that’s you, check out my book, Edgework. In it I go into greater detail on how you can transform your life through a MindBody approach.

I’m excited for you to start your MindBody journey.


Ronald Peters, M.D.